Deep Fried Bets Podcast Chapter 3.2

Blake and Boomer are back for the official opening week of college football! We're joined this week by National College Football Writer Dennis Dodd, and also by one of the best College Football Cappers in the world Dr. Bob

We're talking about week one of the College Football Season and giving you all kinds of winners from there!

Dennis Dodd helps us break down week one, and he gives us some of his favorite teams headed into the year. 

Dr. Bob,  from Dr. Bob Sports helps us break down week one from a more analytical point of few. Check out some of his free action here: Dr. Bob Sports

Full Week One Picks


Deep Fried Bets Podcast Chapter 3.1!

Blake and Boomer are BACK for season three of the Deep Fried Bets Podcast! This week we've got two special guests in David Payne Purdum from ESPN and ESPN Chalk and Matt Brown from SB Nation. 

David gives us an inside look at the gambling industry as a whole in what is a fascinating interview. 

Matt helps us break down the upcoming College Football season, and he also tells us about his amazing new book titled, "What If? A closer look at College Football's great questions"

We've got our College Football season predictions, as well as some what I like to call "week 0" games, and finally we get into the Mayweather/McGregor nonsense. 

Also, we're debuting some Social Media questions, so be sure to get those in! 

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